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1-6x1500 mm Cut to Length Line

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Serkan Güneşoğlu

Property Description

General Description 

1-6x1500 mm rotary shear cut-to-length line

-Brand: Tekmak (Made in Turkey)

-Production year: 2018

-Min/Max thickness:1-6 mm

-Max Width:1500 mm

-Speed:40 m/min

-Shear type:Rotary shear

-Leveller:6 HI (8+7=15 Rolls)

-Material: St 37

-400V/50 Hz, 230V/ 50 Hz / 24 V DC

-Hydraulic pressure 120 bar


Material Specification


Thickness:1-6 mm

Width:500-1500 mm

Coil Specification

Coil Weight:25 Tons

Min/Max Thickness:1-6 mm

Min/Max Width:500-1500 mm

Sheet Dimension

Width Min/max:500x1500 mm

Length Min/max:500x12000 mm


Sheet dimension:500 x 500 mm (min)                             1500 x 600 mm (max)

Package size      :1500 x 6000 mm

Equipment List

1) Coil car

2) Uncoiler support arm

3) Uncoiler and overprint

4) Peleer table and top pressure

5) Pinch Roll

6) Pre-straightening

7) Scrap shears

8) Transition rollers

9) Side Guide

10) Leveler 6HI (8+7 rollers)

11) Roller transfer table

12) Side Guide

13) Measuring roller

14) Rotary Shear

15) Belt conveyor

16) Stack 12 mt

17) Stack Conveyor

18) Exit Conveyor

Payment and Delivery

Delivery                                                          : Immediate Delivery

Delivery Term                                                   : Factory delivery (Ex-Works)

Location of the Line                                         : Turkey

Line Status                                                      : In Operation

Payment                                                          : Full cash payment

Price                                                               : Please ask for price

VAT                                                                  : EXCLUDED

Mechanical and automation assembly       : It belongs to the customer.

Dismantling + packing + container loading   : It belongs to the customer.

Shipping                                                          : It belongs to the customer.

Other                                                              :

1) Electric line required for air and line up to panel entrance belongs to the customer

2) All technical data are based on suppliers information and therefore without obligation for us.

3) The machines are subject to prior sale; this quotation is subject to our general terms and conditions.

4)An inspection is possible at any time after appointment.

5)We are always at your disposal for further information.

6)We hope that our quotation meets your requirements and would be pleased to hear from you.

Contact Agent

Seas makine

+90 535 359 5520

Rotary Shear

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Hat Tipi


1-6 mm

1500 mm

Cut-to-Length Line






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